Precious Act

Precious Act

“Ssttt..!! ” someone hush you.

freeze at the time.

” you’re not good at it ” someone said.

” you’re not the flawless queen, Ssstt!! ” someone said again.

Who are you ?

What are you ?

Dare to hush me.

showed me how to hush,

teach me how to close my eyes.

consume my mind slowly

and said ” you better spread out yours here “

So, I spread mine into the darkness.

growing up, like a child.

The crowd use their black glasses.

no one can see.

until I release mine into the street.

kept the mind feel the atmosphere,

But the eyes stay close.

kept the feeling through your veins,

But the mouth still fullfil with glue.




The Other side of Great Pleasure Destination

Source : we heart it

Holiday , is a great word to be heard around people . Sometimes all of the people need to relax their mind with some relaxing or enjoyable trip , but have you ever think the effects of a great place you visited ? Here’s three effects of tourism that you never realized !.


Foreign influence may cause society to lose values and traditions.

Locals may have their privacy invaded.

Creates new job opportunities

Helps implement modern ideologies.

Travel helps society on a psychological level as it gives people a degree of freedom of movement.

Bringing foreign expertise to the destination through conferences, therefore strengthening ties.

Developing intercultural understanding

Developing friendships


Tourism transportation harms the environment of the destinations of origin and arrival, and pollutes during transit.

Tourism may give national authorities the incentive to safeguard the environment.


Pollution causes strain on the national health care system, which may increase government deficit and long term debt.

Local economy may suffer because of competition from other emerging destinations.

Allocation of funds may be directed towards pleasing tourists rather than pleasing long-term residents.

Creates employment which adds to government taxation revenue.

Financial gain by stakeholders.

So,are you going to be a good tourist or a bad tourist ?.

Stuck in this path

afraid to feel,

shame to see,

taboo to wreck.

never stop show up 

around my corner

through my veins,

till i stop breathing.

what are you?

what you wear on your sleeve?

knife on your sleeve

Heart on your cheek

stuck on your eyes,

till i bleed in the end.

The Fake Fun Home for Living Creatures

What is on your mind when i say “kindergarden’s study tour” ?zoo? Yes,you’re right.For the kids , zoo is the best place to see the animals and to play,but when they grow up later,they will realize that the zoo is not the best place for animals.The animals got no freedom there.They should live in the wild forest with no limited space to run , to found the food , to play and etc, but in the zoo they’ve got limited space to do all things they should do.There are three reasons why you shouldn’t visit the zoos.

The animals getting frustrated or stress,caused by they got seperation from the family and their natural environment.Every animals need adaptation first on the new area.A bunch of visitors , a noisy place are the another factors of animals getting stress.

Less activity , they should have a lot of activity because they always hunting and running on the wild environment especially tiger and lion.Elephant , elephant are the one of the biggest animals in the world have a lot of activity too, they should walk a thousand miles for their activity,but in the zoo? They can’t do a thousand miles walk.

Live in the cage , FREEDOM is the most expensive things in your life and you’ve got rights to got FREEDOM even money may not buy freedom.The animals have freedom too because they are the live creatures , they feel , they eat , they see , and they hear.You shouldn’t give them a limited space to fly , to walk , to in the cage torturing them slowly.

In the end, all of human who are the smartest living creatures in the world should do something to release them and let them breath the fresh air or the human are the real monster here.

March Song’s Review

I will recommend to all of you about my favourite music for this month , the vibe of these music maybe a little easy listening and good to think about.So Let’s get on the list!

1.Julia Michaels – Issues

Source : we heart it

”Cause I got issues
But you got ’em too
So give ’em all to me
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
Of all our problems
‘Cause we got the kind of love
It takes to solve ’em”

this song remembered us that we should trust each other in relationship, no secret between the two love birds or something will happen.I think this song good for think maybe and easy listening.

2. Phoebe Ryan – Dark Side

Source : we heart it

“At your worst, you’re the best
Baby I don’t want another version, no
Hard to love, hard to trust
But don’t change
Don’t be a better person for me”

The first time i heard this song i think “sounds great” because this song actually tell us about a girl who fall in love with a boy’s dark side, yeah but in fact sometimes when we fall in love we don’t care about his/her good or bad side , we’re just fall like a waterfall, am i right or no? Because i am.

3. Alli Simpson – Notice me

Source : we heart it

“If these tears were gasoline
I’d light a fire, make you notice me
Swim in a lightning storm to make you see
Nothing too crazy, if it makes you notice me”

The kind of this music vibe like “I’ll do anything to get you”.When we have a crush on someone , sometimes without we know , we want to him/her notice us, right? Like “hey there i’m here,don’t you want to know me”.I think this music so cute and obviously can make us smile.

4. Madisson Beer – Dead

Source : we heart it

You say you can’t live without me

So why aren’t you dead yet?

Why you still breathing? (why, why?)

And if you say you can’t live without me
Then why aren’t you dead yet?
Why do you say that?”

A little rude but true, this woman already sick of heard his lies.enough for her.Though song girl!you go!

So, yep! All those song are my favourite song for this month! I hope i will post another song’s review for next month!Have a good day readers!

The Best Feeling I Ever Had

How do you feel when you get the highest score on your class?Is that the best feeling you ever have or just kind of “yeah,i’m good” feeling ? maybe for some of you got the highest score on your class not your “the best feeling i ever had”.The best feeling i ever had is when you feel a suitable , togetherness , and love around you , that’s what the best feeling i ever had.

“The best feeling i ever had” is when i live in with my senior high school friends at Genikan village.The first time i heard about Genikan village what i think is “oh my God, this is gonna be a nightmare for me” but that’s the truth because some things are my nightmare.My friends and i live there for 3 days 2 nights.

The first time i arrived there , that the first time i breath a natural oxygen,the view so so far away from thought on my mind.Lived on the feet of Mount Merbabu extremely hard for me and my friends because no signal , cold , and the toilets place on the outside of the house.

But that’s the point we became a family when the signals gone , we felt that we need a support from the other , we need help from the other when the phone gone, so before you decide to go to a really good place for fix a relationship , i suggest you to throw your phone away.When i lived there , we learn about how to plant a vegetables , we learn how togetherness work , and we learn how to attitude goes between or in front of a strangers, the villager are a stranger right?but just for the first time.

For your info, when i going to sleep me and my friend of course should made a bonfire because the weather extremely cold,especially on 2 a.m that’s terrible for me because i allergic with cold weather.Since i went to that village i realize that all of you need a trip , need a travel in the middle of your usual activity to relax your mind , to find something unusual new that make you new.Because this trip i know how the sadness feeling is in real life , i mean like losing something in your life,when i should left that village what i felt just sad and too hurry to left them , to left my family there.

So based on my kind of “The best feeling i ever had ” experience , if you want to be something different you should take a trip to the place that makes you happy.Take a trip make yourself more brave than before , make you more appreciate life.

This village is the best place for a group of students , or maybe a co-workers.


Tak terasa,

Fajar kini telah menyingsing.

Menggantikan kegelapan yang lalu.

Kegelapan yang tak ada habisnya menyelimuti tanah yang dipijaknya.

Tak terasa,

Tanah yang basah akan cucuran keringatmu,

Tanah yang dilumpuri tumpahan darahmu,

Dan tanah yang dibakar oleh api jiwamu

Kian terbangun.

anak-cucumu sudah memijaknya dengan damai,kawan.

Tak terasa,

Kobaran-kobaran api jiwamu,

Tumpahan-tumpahan jiwa yang tumbang,

Genangan darah yang tiada habisnya,

Kini kian menjadi sesuatu yang berharga.

Kini kian menjadi panutan tanah air,

menjadi peristiwa yang membekas di tempat dimana aku berpijak sekarang ini,kawan.

Hanya terima kasih yang bisa kuucapkan,

tanpamu tanah air ini bukanlah apa-apa.