7 Deadly Sins


 at the beginning of the story 

you radiates the extraordinary comfort to me

 make me want more and more without stop


 i feel safe,what have you done?

i weak,everytime you arounds me

 i can’t let you go,i want you on my side everytime

and i realize i become an addict


something happens in my head

something change

 i don’t want to lose you

i need you

you make me safe hun

don’t go

 i will hold you tight

so do you


i’m happy with you

 i’m happy that you on my side


 let the world know darl

that you are mine

 no one will have you

only me 

Wrath & Envy

 you’re gonna one weeks away from me,you said.


i thought you always on my side 

i thought i’m the one and only you want

i thought you need me

Just me

 not friends

not world

Just me


you are everything to me darl

you are

you are the only one who makes me addicted


i thought…

i thought…..

i thought…….


 in the end

you left me

 you take my colorful day and give it to another person

and i?



you give me a b&w day

 i think i don’t have colour in my day

everything change

 my mind

my day

 my world

and i.

is this the end of the day?


The Desert

The wind dance without stopping

Everyday&Every night

The sound of the wind hit the ears

Everyday&Every night

The storm never ends

Everyday&Every night 

Everyday can’t stop wondering 

about The Rain

asking about The Rain

“whether the rain will drip his water in the middle of The Desert?”

“Will he?”

“Will i touch the rain drops?”

and in the end you know that rain drops never ever touch The Desert.never ever come to The Desert

Because that’s impossible

Because The Desert not his destination.


For the first time i came to the beach

I was feeling happy,excited,on fire,like i can’t  even express my feelings anymore

For the first time i stepping my foot on the white wide sand

  Feel the summer breeze under my skin

Heard the sound of the splashing wave

and then i try to touch the wave

  I feel safe

I never felt like this before

 But slowly the wave push me into the deeply part

  It hurts

It ashamed

I feel exshausted

I tried to escaped

  but i can’t

I can’t even know myself anymore.

 The wave control my mind

The wave live in my mind

And now i live in the deeply part of the wave

 i live with the wave

Happy;excited;fear;exshausted;and gloomy

Adventure night

The moon comes

  Ilumminating the room through the window

Present the shadows of the silent city

I sat in front of the window

  Feels the light of the moon

  inhale the cold of the night wind

and then i closed my eyes slowly

  The night slowly get into my mind

Start control my feeling

  My sense

My heartbeat


The night makes everything perfect

 feels like the real world doesn’t exist anymore

The night makes everything real

 but i know when i open my eyes ,everything that happens that night will be gone forever.

just don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched,darl.


you blow up my adrenaline to taste you,you said “just on the tip of your tongue” and then i taste you

   sweet like sugar

you made me happy

    addicted like drugs

you made me want more of you

    you made me addict

you made me addicted of you

and suddenly you said “stop,it’s time for me to let you go”


too hard to be heard

“no more taste of me.no more”

you deadly sweet darling;

  come to me 

give me a chance

  i become an addict

and then you said “stop”

You deadly sweet,darl.

11.10 PM

When i woke up for the first time to faced the beautiful world with sunshine under my skin,i think it’s gonna be a great long day for me.Until you found me and i found my best mistake i ever had,every move he make,made me dizzy all night long.

He’s been always in my head.I’m tired of all those feelings ; confused,dizzy,happy,sad at the same time.May you out of my head?.because i am tired.i don’t know you yet,but it feels like you poisoned me with everything you have inside yours.you just came to me and then “poof!” everything in my head change.

What have you done to me?

The Poem

“Water & Oil”

No one hates them

Wise and bright in their own way

   When become one

They are not usefull

They are lost their way

Both of them will ruin everything

  You and me.