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A broken heart girls in the world said that “midnight is the best time of my life to think about everything i do”.Midnight time is the best time to think again what we already did,true or not?(insert your smirk emoticon).

We should know girls,that midnight time is the time to sleep.It’s not good for our health if we stay awake at midnight.I can say this to all of you but actually i’m still awake at midnight,but i stay awake for my homework or else not for let your tears make your pillow wet.Midnight is a dangerous time for girls and i don’t know why,but it’s dangerous.At midnight we will think all about yourself&your problem and that’s make overthinking comes.Overthink maybe comes because we feel guilty about something we did or we feel sad about someone who suddenly left you in your hard times.

It’s normal if we feel guilty about something,but don’t let your guilty feeling control your mind.What you should do is let your guilty feeling control your mind once but not twice.I mean after you feel guilty move on with your life,move forward,don’t stop.What your purpose of your life?if you have a purpose in your life go catch your purpose to make your life better than before.Make your guilty feeling as your experience to make a better memories.

If you broke up with your boyfriend let the midnight time control your mind once but not twice.If you have problems with your friend because your fault let your tears fall down into your pillow and let your guilty feeling control your mind once but not wice,and the start a new day.So don’t forget to focus on your purpose in life girls!!


Sometimes in our life,we always find the judging people.The judging people kind of disaster for our life because of their words.Their words will easily change your mind.Sometimes we just accept what they say and try to make a fake smile.

I think what we respond about the judging people with fake smile and just accept it is wrong.You right,we should just accept it and some people said just let it go,but if we always respond them like that,we never success in our life and how about them?they will continue their bad attitude with judge people.

I realize about what we respond is wrong,their world will control your mind and will bring you down.So the problem is “how can we respond them?” and “how to make them change their bad attitude about judging people?”.

Like what my introduction said girls “LET YOUR WORDS OUT” if the judging people comment on you or on your purpose or everything,just respond them back with no fears of course about what they already did.But be carefull sometimes if we respond them we can’t control our mind and words,because we got the fire emotions(if you know what i mean) and then our words become rude,that’s the unconscious situation.So firstly,you should calm your mind before respond them and use the brave words.If our words luckily can touch their heart maybe their respond will be rude but in their mind they will think,and we just can hoping that someday the people like the judging people will change their bad attitude become good just calm your mind and respond them with your beautiful words girls!




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